Public speaking

To be a public speaker, a leader and a manager has been Luís’s profession for almost three decades.

The art of public speaking is a special one. Fears, anxiety, dealing with different audiences, sometimes very interactive, sometimes negative is indeed a profession aside from most others.
We all remember teachers with fantastic topics to deliver that would bore us after 10 minutes. Following such classes was hard effort.

We all know leaders, managers, politicians and public figures that make the difference when they jump on to a stage.

Skills like spontaneity, sense of humour, flexibility, presence of mind and quick lively reactions are often mistakenly considered as improvisation. Yet, improvising is not part of the public speaking skills. But preparation is!

Preparation is the foundation of a good public speaker. Training, practicing and foreseeing some of the audience reactions are essentials of a good preparation.

Some minutes are enough to prepare a long boring speech, yet many hours are necessary to prepare a short, enthusiastic, effective one.

Join us in a unique workshop where Luís helps us developing an effective attitude for all our speeches, talks and conferences.
Dare to dive into the magic of oral communication.

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