International Healing Workshop

Going with the flow is the natural state of the universe, of nature and of human beings.
Every blockage of the flow creates an obstacle which, in humans, is represented by physical and emotional symptoms.

Intuition is a timeless subtle flow that we naturally relate to. On the contrary, beliefs, thoughts and attachments are all forms we’ve learnt to use, and the truth is they prevent us from listening to intuition. When we miss intuition, our emotions begin to manifest, our body reacts and creates symptoms. And matter, our day-to-day companion, does not comply with our will and tricks us.

Thus, we have the illusion that our life is difficult. But, in fact, it is quite simple.
Each soul walks his/her own path alone. None of us came to Earth to live out a story written by others.

Flows sprout from inside and forms are imposed from outside. Our quest is to separate what comes from inside from what comes from outside.

We will work with subtle energy, which allows us to reach a higher plane of energy with a different vibration from the day-to-day vibration of society.
We will work on ego self-acceptance.
Forms, patterns and clichés will collapse and give way to a better awareness of the inner flows, enabling a more genuine vibration and the healing process to manifest.
We will respond to four questions:
Is it possible to create and manage matter out of spirituality?
Is it possible to heal any part of my life just out of spirituality?
What is health?
And what is healing?

It is a journey of 6 days to the deepest level of our consciousness.
This workshop is an intense and vivid experience of spirituality in matter. It is not a mental process aiming to change our life. It is rather an elevation of our being which enables us to literally create a new state of living, in health, in abundance, in harmony, in peace and in beauty, with less effort, just by using our soft will.
We will cover topics related to health and healing, with many exercises and many meditations.

You will learn:

  • To work with the power of attention
  • When to be in the flow and when to welcome the form
  • Why beliefs, thoughts and attachments make you unhappy
  • How to master your life
  • How to be genuinely who you are in contact with matter and with others
  • How to differentiate behaviour from expressed emotions
  • How to develop immunity
  • What your physical and emotional symptoms are trying to tell you
  • How to use the mind to reach intuition
  • How to acknowledge and use ESPs
  • How to create a new life with no effort
  • How to use subtle energy to heal anything


  • Many different meditations
  • White light exercises
  • Unity and connection exercises
  • Creation exercises
  • Thought-forms exercises
  • Eyes healing exercises
  • Energy reading exercises
  • Aura exercises
  • Observation exercises
  • Healing exercises
  • Energy-forms exercises
  • Healing exercises at a distance
  • Extra-sensory perception exercises
  • Diagnostic exercises
  • Chakra healing exercises
  • Energy circle exercises

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