Negotiation is not the same as selling. It is very different.

There are many books, talks and workshops about negotiation. Many theories, some better, some worse. What is often called negotiation is nothing else but war techniques, tricks, traps and other competitive, warrior attitudes based on mistrust.

Throughout his experience of negotiating in Anglo-Saxon countries, in countries of Southeast Asia, of the Middle East, of South America and Europe, Luís was able to draw a set of attitudes and behaviours that allow anyone, individual or corporation, to have more effective negotiations, with whatever interlocutor it may be, at whatever level it may be. Negotiation is always 90% of psychology and only 10% of techniques.

From this workshop, participants will take away tools and attitudes that will allow them to have more effective, more positive and more cooperative negotiations. The exercises and concrete cases they will participate in are difficult, yet very helpful.

Every time one of the parties imposes its vision to the other party, we are not in a negotiation, but rather in a unilateral imposition.

Learn how to get away from iron arm negotiations and to have win-win negotiations.

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