Luís Martins Simões

Luís Martins Simões often says that everything you do must be done with a soft will; with work, without effort, and a lot of fun; but most of all with the fantastic feeling of being driven by one’s own intuition.
He believes that we cannot experience long lasting happiness without being connected to our intuition.

Luís is a dynamic and enthusiastic person who sees the world through eyes that are not restricted by any conformity, rule or regulation.
He believes that the evolution of mankind depends on the ability of people to be creators and not repeaters.

Many things on our planet work well, but many others simply do not work at all.
Those that work well, are invariably the result of a new and creative paradigm, because when we feed our human mind with repetition - problems occur.

Since 1987, he has travelled the world teaching leadership, communication, motivation and emotional intelligence to multinational corporations and local companies. He is widely recognized as a specialist in intrapersonal and interpersonal effectiveness.
In 1994, life-changing events prompted him to focus on his own personal development. He started working with the intangible and the non-concrete. He explored the subtle energy in spirituality and the close relationship between the human conscience and the human body. Very quickly, he started to help people who came to him in search of some guidance for their lives and took them on a journey to the centre of their inner conscience.
So, since 1996, he has helped many people to develop their spiritual being and create a new life where repetition ceases to exist and where a love for oneself becomes the keyword.
As well as teaching classes he speaks at conferences, in schools, universities and corporations around the world in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Having spent 19 years abroad, Luís currently lives in Lisbon - Portugal, city where he was born.


Hugo Oliveira

Hugo believes that life is so much more than what we can directly perceive through our 5 physical senses.

Born in Terceira Island, Azores, he moves to Lisbon to study and ends up staying there. He comes into contact with the world of technology and consulting with information technologies always with the feeling that life has to be more than what he is witnessing. This feeling drives him to learn Shiatsu and to dive in the world of the intangible. It's then that he meets Luís Martins Simões and his point of view.
Since then he has been learning with Luís and is also looking to deepen his own understanding by assimilating what makes sense to him.

"As long as you are aware, that's what is most important" is a phrase that one can hear him say. For him, one's life is a manifestation of one's own consciousness.


Pierre Martins Simões

Pierre's conviction is that the World presents itself according to what each one is looking to see.

The creation of a new World is, therefore, in our hands by creating, each one of us, a new World to oneself.
Having been brought up in a family where the intangible was of great importance, he chose to continue that work with both Luís and Hugo.

Pierre focuses on creating a new paradigm oriented towards people.
He holds trainings for companies with a primary focus on people and secondary focus on results.

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