Comercial attitude

The art of well-serving a client

There are many ways to sell and to serve customers.

Commercial attitude, commonly known as Sales, brings together emotional, verbal and intuitive intelligence.
Sales and Commercial Attitude have become obvious and worn out. They have even gained a negative reputation. However, they are in fact a pilar for most companies and they show those companies’ image, culture and vision.

That is why it is important to assume a modern, light but also professional and effective attitude.

During these 2 days we will live a practical, extremely dynamic and even playful workshop, based on practical cases, with lessons and conclusions tailored to the needs of each of the participants.
We will discover the 5 tools of commercial attitude, how to react to a client’s objections, how to sell a price, how to close a sale and other moments that happen during a customer care interaction.

This workshop is intended for any professional from any company, wether he or she is in pure sales, in customer care or technical support.

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