Love yourself (portuguese edition)

Love yourself (portuguese edition)

Love yourself (portuguese edition) is a simple book about Self-Esteem. Through the use of very simple examples of our day-to-day lives, the author drives you through themes of your own life such as sucess, happiness, relationships, living with another person, your relationship with the Universe, your relationship with your own inner strength.

Our inner strength sprouts from our self-esteem. Love cures all. Even the lack of love.

With over 32 000 copies sold, this book has helped many people to look inside themselves and realize that happiness and sucess are not dependent on outside stimulae but instead on the capacity that each one of us has to take care of oneself, to accept oneself, to love oneself. Embark on this journey to your inner being.

After 18 years since first published, the author decided to fine tune some of the terms in the book while maintaining the original text and, as such, publish a new edition.


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