Are You a Creator or a Repeater? (portuguese edition)

Are You a Creator or a Repeater? (portuguese edition)

The human being does not grow when it repeats. It only grows when it uses its creative power.

For many years now we have been repeating the past and trying to improve upon it in the future. And it doesn't work well.

However, in schools, in everyday life, you are taught to repeat and you are tested to check if you repeat well.

Human evolution has never conformed with repetition.
Teaching is repetition, everyday life is repetition, life with friends is repetition, family life is repetition, religions are repetition.

And the world doesn't work well.

This books helps you to understand where does your creative power come from and to find out how to use it.
Many do not know, but we all have a choice wether to live out our lives as repeaters or as creators.


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