Spirituality in Matter

Do you want an effective, fluid and happy life?

The word “spirit” has a very close etymological root to the latin word “inspirare” which means inhale. Spirituality is nothing more than accessing your inner breath, your inner conscience.

Spirituality has nothing to do with divinities, religions or other ways of thinking.

Developing your spiritual intelligence means learning how to align your inner conscience with how you act in society, your way of living, your way of dealing with people, with things and matter.

In our life we are used to dealing with forms, concrete things, palpable, solid things and cause-effect relations.

Some of us have a hard time understanding that behind all those things there is a subtle plan less concrete that lies at the level of intention, function and flow. We've all learned what thoughts are, however we do not know where they are in the brain, how they are stored in the brain or even how they were thought. Spiritual intelligence allows you to distinguish between 3 levels of experiences: the origin, the source; the level of what is originated, the object; and the level of what it is indeed, the truth.

Thoughts, feelings and ideas are vibrations.
Spiritual intelligence teaches us how to deal with vibrations, with frequencies and with a more subtle energy.


School for Spirituality in Matter - level 1

Our purpose in this level 1 is to teach each of the participants how to transform their own day-to-day reality, starting from the connection with their own consciousness, their own inner breath. We will help them discover and learn to feel this suble energy that inhabits all of us and which is unknown for the most of us.

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School for Spirituality in Matter - level 2

The purpose of level 2 is to allow participants to root the journey they went through during level 1, to go deeper in the experience and to add new contents.

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Several talks available to the general public.

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