School for Spirituality in Matter - level 1

Before anything is, I Am

Every thought we have shapes our lives. Everything starts in our consciousness. Our beliefs, our addictions, our unconscious and/or non-expressed emotions are a source of difficulties, pain, unaccomplisment and unhappiness.

The relationship each of us has with matter, house, work, money, relationships, car is the result of the way in which each of us organizes his/her own thinking patterns.

We all have an enormous personal power. It is up to us to discover how to use it to its full capacity.

In order to do that, we have to know what is true to us. Our natural state is one of a productive life, with work but without effort.

Our purpose in this level 1 is to teach each of the participants how to transform their own day-to-day reality, starting from the connection with their own consciousness, their own inner breath. We will help them discover and learn to feel this suble energy that inhabits all of us and which is unknown for the most of us.

If we have the power to create a difficult and hard life that does not flow, then we also have the power to create a life of harmony, happiness, without effort, that flows. That is the purpose of this program.

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Program 2023-24

You may find the all information (contents, dates and registration options) for the 2023-24 edition of level 1 here (in portuguese).
Location: YMCA Camp Alambre, Azeitao

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  • Module 1

    My personal power

    • My personal power.
    • My life depends on my consciousness.
    • What are the mental programs that freeze me and the ones that set me free?
    • To change life is to change beliefs.
    • What is the difference between belief and truth?
    • Human being evolution: from baby to adult.
    • What is spirituality and what is not spirituality?
    • What is subtle energy?
    • How to manage matter from spirituality, without effort.
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 2

    Deal with myself and deal with others.

    • Yin/Yang balance in all aspects of my life.
    • Heaven's force and Earth's force.
    • Spirituality and effectiveness.
    • Spirituality and goals, objectives, purpose, mission and vision.
    • Me and my self-esteem.
    • Me and my own authority.
    • Me and my own emotions.
    • Deal with myself and deal with others.
    • My path and my sense of direction.
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 3

    Who am I and what is my potential?

    • My energetic profile.
    • My strengths and my fragilities.
    • My life's path and my talent.
    • What I came here to do and what I came here to explore.
    • How to deal with difficult moments.
    • How to deal with difficult emotions.
    • 9 star ki.
    • The meaning of the 3 numbers.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 4

    Intuitive Intelligence and Individuality.

    • The path of intuition.
    • Intuitive intelligence and rational intelligence.
    • How to develop intuitive intelligence.
    • The significance of the signs of life.
    • How to read the signs and how to interpret them.
    • How far does my responsability go?
    • Responsability or guilt?
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 5

    I am the Creator of my Life.

    • How to create a happy and effective life that flows.
    • My relationship with money.
    • Spirituality and money.
    • Spirituality and the creation of matter.
    • Spirituality and healing.
    • What is sickness? What is health? What is healing?
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 6

    To understand and to be understood.

    • Yin/Yang in communication with others.
    • When to be steady and when to be flexible.
    • What does it mean to be clear and transparent.
    • Communication in difficult moments.
    • Quality listening. Quality questions.
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 7

    Vibration, acceptance and verbalization.

    • Everything is vibration.
    • How to change my vibration from the outside-in?
    • How to change my vibration from the inside-out?
    • The strength of acceptance.
    • The strength of verbalization.
    • What to verbalize? When to verbalize? How do I verbalize?
    • A conscious verbalization, source of healing.
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Module 8

    Create a New Vibration 1

    • Living seminar on spirituality in matter.
    • Work with the power of attention.
    • Work with flows and forms.
    • Work with subtle energy.
    • An elevation process in which one creates a new life.
    • Rise to another plan.
    • The octave above.
    • A new life experience.
  • Module 9

    Deal with the new vibration.

    Available to anyone who has previously attended Create a New Life 1.

    • Heaven's Force and Earth's Force.
    • Working with unity and connection.
    • The family, the clan, the ancestors.
    • Exercises with white light.
    • Living life from inside-out.
    • Vibrate, awaken and create.
    • What one looks for and what one receives.
    • Examples and specific cases.
    • Hands-on exercises.

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