Create a New Life 4 - Setubal 2020


Saturday 20/06/2020
09:30 - 21:30
Sunday 21/06/2020
09:30 - 21:30


2 days


+351 914 380 080 - Pierre Martins Simões
+351 964 302 662 - Hugo Oliveira


Hotel do Sado
rua Irene Lisboa 1
2900-028 Setúbal

Available to anyone who has previously attended Create a New Life 2.

This workshop is only available to those who have already been through the Create a New Life – level 2 adventure.
This workshop is held in portuguese.

Our physical body is both dense and solid.
Meridians and acupuncture points are a less dense form of energy and as such more subtle than that of the physical body.
The 7 chakras are an even more subtle and less dense form of energy than that of the meridians. Chakras are energy vortices or energy centres in everlasting movement with different colours and vibrations.

This workshop offers the opportunity to discover the chakras and to work on harmonizing and re-establishing the balance of each and every one of them. When working with the vibration of the chakras, the vibration of the human body itself changes with significant results on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plan. Each chakra represents a consciousness state and a vibration level and is connected to a specific area in our lives.

This workshop is an intense healing experience.


  • Two meditations
  • A circle of energy
  • Exercises with subtle energy
    • White light exercises
    • Chakra healing exercises
    • Thought-forms exercises
  • Chakras
    • Meaning of all the 7 chakras
    • Colours of all the 7 chakras
    • Diagnostics through the 7 chakras

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