Create a New Life 1 - Setubal July 2020 - Sold out!


Saturday 11/07/2020
09:30 - 21:30
Sunday 12/07/2020
09:30 - 21:30


Sold out!


+351 914 380 080 - Pierre Martins Simões
+351 964 302 662 - Hugo Oliveira


Hotel do Sado
rua Irene Lisboa 1
2900-028 Setúbal


Sold out!

This workshop is held in portuguese.

This workshop is an intense experience. It is not a mental process aiming to change your life. It is rather an elevation of your being which enables you to literally create a new state of living, in abundance, in harmony, in peace and in beauty, with less effort. Just by using your soft will.

We work with subtle energy. We reach a higher plan of energy with a different vibration from the day-to-day vibration of society. It is a journey of 2 days to the deepest level of your conscience.

You will learn:

  • To work with the power of attention
  • When to be in the flow and when to welcome the form
  • Why beliefs, thoughts and attachments make you unhappy
  • How to master your life
  • How to be genuinely who you are in contact with matter and with others
  • How to differentiate behaviour from expressed emotions
  • How to develop immunity
  • What your physical and emotional symptoms are trying to tell you
  • How to use the mind to reach intuition
  • How to acknowledge ESPs
  • How to create a new life with no effort


  • Two meditations
  • Energy circle
  • Exercises with subtle energy
    • Exercises with white light
    • Exercises with auras
    • Exercises of unity and connection
    • Exercises of observation

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