Create a New Life 3

This workshop is only available to those who have already been through the Create a New Life – level 2 adventure.

Each soul walks his/her own path alone. None of us came to Earth to live out a story written by others.

Our emotions manifest, our body reacts and creates symptoms and matter, our day-to-day companion, does not comply with our will and tricks us.
Is it possible to create and manage matter out of spirituality?

This new workshop takes us deeper in topics related to health and healing, with new exercises and new meditations. It is a more intense and vivid shared experience of spirituality in matter.


  • Four meditations
  • A circle of energy
  • Exercises with subtle energy
    • White light exercises
    • Thought-forms exercises
    • Energy-forms exercises
    • Healing exercises at a distance
    • Unity and connection exercises
    • Energy reading exercises
    • Extra-sensory perception exercises
    • Healing exercises
    • Diagnostics exercises
  • Your Body Does Not Lie
    • Health
    • Healing
    • Diagnostics
    • When to be and when to do
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