Create a New Life 2

This workshop is only available to those who have already completed level 1 of the School of Spirituality in Matter (SSM).

Its purpose is to deepen the awareness of Who I Am and to work at a deeper level of consciousness. It is intense and requires some of the concepts already apprehended at level 1.

We will work on ego self-acceptance and on a new vibration.
Forms, patterns and clichés will crumble, allowing a better awareness of the inner flows and enabling a more genuine vibration.

As in every natural flow, human evolution follows a spiral movement. When we create a new life, we also create new vibrations, yet also new challenges.
It is good to create a new life. It is even better to be able to maintain it.

This new workshop brings new topics, new exercises and new meditations and presents better opportunities for sharing experiences, for it is a more intense experience.
It is all about spirituality in matter.


  • Three new meditations
  • A circle of energy
  • Exercises with subtle energy
    • White light exercises
    • Aura exercises
    • Thought-forms exercises
    • Unity and connection exercises
    • Cerebral hemispheres exercises
  • Co-Creation
    • An octave higher
    • Total genuine vibration
    • Sexuality
    • Relationships
  • Your Body Does Not Lie
    • Reading symptoms
    • Body yin/yang polarity
  • Creation
    • Creation in twos
    • Business creation
    • When to ber and when to do
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